Dell PowerEdge 2950

Brand: Dell
Product Code: Dell-PE2950
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Price: Rs. 2,500

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2.5" SAS Hard Disk Drives:

Dell PowerEdge 2950 Technical Specifications


Form Factor:
2U Rackmount Server
Up to 2 x Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 processors at up to 3.0GHz
Up to 2 x Quad-Core Intel Low Volt Xeon 5300 processorsat up to 2.0GHz
Up to 2 x Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5100 processors at up to 3.0GHz
Up to 2 x Dual-Core Intel Low Volt Xeon 5100 processors at 2.33GHz or
Up to 2 x Dual-Core Intel Xeon 5000 processors at up to 3.0GHz
Front Side Bus:
5300 Sequence processors - Dual Independant 1066MHz or 1333MHz
5100 Sequence processors - Dual Independant 1066MHz or 1333MHz 
5000 Sequence Processors - Dual Independant 667MHz
Intel Xeon 5300 Sequence Processors - 2 x 4MB
Intel Xeon 5100 Sequence Processors - 4MB
Intel Xeon 5000 Sequence Processors - 2 x 2MB
Intel 5000X
Up to 64GB (8FBD DIMM slots) 256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB fully buffered DIMMs in matched pairs - 533MHz or 667MHz
I/O channels:
Total of 3 - PCI slots either PCIe riser with three PCI Express slots (1 x 4 - x8 connector) and 2 x 8) or 2 PCI-X 64-bit/133MHz and 1 x PCI Express x8 slot
Drive controller:
4 port SAS 5/i integrated SAS controller (without RAID)
RAID controller:
Optional PERC 5/i integrated SAS/SATA daughter card controller with 256MB cache, PERC 4e/DC, PERC 5/e adapter
Drive Bays:
3 base options for hard drives
8 x 2.5" hard drive option - 2.5" hard drive option - up to 8 SAS HDs (10K)
4 x 3.5" hard drive option - 3.5" hard drive option - up to 4 SAS HDs (10K/15K) or SATA (7.2K)
6 x 3.5" hard drive option - 3.5" hard drive option - up to 6 SAS HDs (10K/15K) or SATA (7.2K)
Peripheral bay options, floppy, DAT72 tape drive (not available w/ 6 x 3.5" HD base) Slim optical drive bay w/ choice of CD-ROM, DVD-ROM or combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM
Maximum Internal Storage:
4, 6, or 8 x 2TB hot-plug SATA (7.2K RPM)
Hard Drives:
2.5" - Up to 400GB SAS (10K) 
3.5" - Up to 600GB SAS (10K)
3.5" - Up to 600GB SAS (15K)
3.5" - Up to 2TB SATAu (7.2K)
Internal Storage:
2.5" and 3.5" SAS ( 10 and 15K), 3.5" SATAu (7.2K)
External Storage:
SAS, SCSI and fibre channel storage systems
Embedded ATI ES1000 with 16MB memory
Dual embedded Broadcom® NetXtreme II™ 5708 Gigabit2 Ethernet NIC with fail-over and load
balancing. TOE (TCPIP Offload Engine) supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2003, SP1 or
higher with Scalable Networking Pack
AC configuration with standard single or redundant 750W hot-plug auto-switching universal 110/220V AC power supplies. DC configuration with single or redundant hot plug -48 to -60 V20 A DC power supplies
Rack Support :
4-post (Dell rack), 2-post and 3rd party Versa rails, sliding rails and Cable Management Arm


Manufacturer Dell
Product Type
Product Type Entry-Level Server
Form Factor
Form Factor Rack
Platform UNIX, LINUX, Windows
Announced 7-Jun-06
Available 7-Jun-06
Archived 17-Jul-09
Architecture x86
Rack Units
Rack Units 2U
Operating System
Operating System Solaris, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Windows
Processor Family
Processor Family Xeon
Processor Options
Processor Options Xeon E5205 (1.86GHz 65W) Xeon L5240 (3.0GHz 65W) Xeon X5260 (3.33GHz 80W) Xeon X5270 (3.50GHz 80W) Xeon E5320 (1.86GHz 80W) Xeon L5320 (1.86GHz 50W) Xeon L5335 (2.0GHz 50W) Xeon E5405 (2.00GHz 80W) Xeon E5410 (2.33GHz 80W) Xeon L5410 (2.33GHz 50W) Xeon E5420 (2.50GHz 80W) Xeon L5420 (2.50GHz 50W) Xeon E5430 (2.66GHz 80W) Xeon L5430 (2.66GHz 50W) Xeon E5440 (2.83GHz 80W) Xeon E5450 (3.00GHz 80W) Xeon X5450 (3.00GHz 120W) Xeon X5460 (3.16GHz 120W) Xeon X5470 (3.33GHz 120W)
Max Processor Chips
Max Processor Chips 2
Max Processor Cores
Max Processor Cores 8
Cache 6MB L2 (Xeon 5200), 2 x 4MB L2 (Xeon 5300) or 2 x 6MB L2 (Xeon 5400)
Chipset Intel 5000X
Memory Minimum
Memory Minimum 1 GB
Memory Maximum
Memory Maximum 64 GB
Memory Type
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Memory DIMM Slots Standard
Memory DIMM Slots Standard 8
Max Memory DIMM Slots
Max Memory DIMM Slots 8
Memory Protection
Memory Protection ECC
Disk Type
Disk Type SATA, SAS
Disk Controller
Disk Controller SAS 5/i
Internal Disk Bays
Internal Disk Bays 4 (8 max)
Bays Information
Bays Information 8 x 2.5" internal hot-swap disk drive bays or _x000D_ 4 x 3.5" internal hot-swap disk drive bays or 6 x 3.5" internal hot-swap disk drive bays 1 x slimline optical drive bay _x000D_ 1 x peripheral drive bay (NB: not available with 6 x 3.5" disk bays option)
Disk Max Internal
Disk Max Internal 6,000 GB
RAID Support
RAID Support Optional 0, 1, 5, 10
Hot-Swap Disks
Hot-Swap Disks SATA, SAS
Media Drive
Media Drive Optional
I/O Technology
I/O Technology PCI-X, PCI Express
I/O Slot Types
I/O Slot Types 2 x PCI Express x8, 1 x PCI Express x4 or _x000D_ 2 x PCI-X 64-bit/133MHz, 1 x PCI Express x8
I/O Max Slots
I/O Max Slots 3
I/O Internal Slots
I/O Internal Slots 3
Networking Integrated dual Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet controllers with fail-over and load balancing_x000D_
Dimensions Height: 8.64 cm (3.4 in) Width: 44.43 cm (17.49 in) Depth: 74.4 cm (29.29 in)
Weight 23 kg (50.71 lbs) (max)
Max Power (Calculated)
Max Power (Calculated) 676 W (3,894 CO2e kg pa)
Max Power (Theoretical)
Max Power (Theoretical) 750 W (4,320 CO2e kg pa)
Max Heat (Calculated)
Max Heat (Calculated) 2,434 kJ/hr (2,307 Btu/hr)
Max Heat (Theoretical)
Max Heat (Theoretical) 2,700 kJ/hr (2,559 Btu/hr) (estimated)
Hot-Swap/Redundant Cooling Fans
Hot-Swap/Redundant Cooling Fans Yes/Yes
Hot-Swap/Redundant Power Supply
Hot-Swap/Redundant Power Supply Yes/Optional
System Management
System Management Embedded Baseboard Management Controller with IPMI for remote management;_x000D_ Optional DRAC/I remote management for additional manageability;_x000D_ Dell OpenManage management software
Warranty 3 Years Next Business Day Onsite Business Hours Parts and Labor Available US; May vary in other regions

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