Dell PowerEdge Rack Console 15FP

Brand: Dell
Product Code: PowerEdge Rack Console 15FP
Availability: 4

Price: Rs. 10,000

The Dell 1U rack console allows IT professionals to manage the operations of their data center servers directly from the racks they are installed in, while leaving the maximum space possible for the actual systems within the rack. Combining a 17" monitor with a specially designed keyboard with touchpad, they can be attached to Dell console switches to manage the setup, administration, and maintenance of rack-mount servers.


  • 1U Rack consumption  - Minimal space required when stored in the rack, allowing more room in the rack for servers and storage.
  • Height Adjustable  - Innovative design allows the monitor's height to be adjusted. Increases flexibility when used by multiple administrators.
  • Integrated video, keyboard, touchpad  - All in 1 design for easier installation and control
  • Low Power Consumption  - Pulls less power than standard monitors, leaving more for server and storage systems
  • RapidRailsTM  mountable  - Drops easily into the 1U RapidRails for fast installation into Dell and compliant racks. VersaRails option available to allow installation into a variety of non-Dell, round hole racks
  • Flexible configurations  - Operated individually or connects to any Dell Console Switch


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