IBM System x - x3400

Brand: IBM
Product Code: IBM-x3400
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Price: Rs. 7,500

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Features and specifications

IBM System-x3400

  • Powerful quad-core 2.0 GHz/1333 MHz, Intel(r) Xeon E5405 processor, 2.33 GHz/1333 MHz Intel E5410 processor, 2.50 GHz/1333 MHz Intel E5420, and a 2.6 GHz/1333 MHz Intel E5430 processor, all with 12 MB L2 cache
  • 1 GB of 667 MHz DDR2 ECC system memory, 32 GB maximum
  • Advanced third-generation Chipkill ECC memory controller to help correct single-bit, two-bit, three-bit, and four-bit memory errors
Hard drive (HD)
  • Eight-port SAS/SATA controller or native SATA controller
  • Support for up to twelve 3.5-in Serial Attach SCSI (SAS) HDs
  • up to 3.0 TB total capacity using 750 GB SAS HDD options for 7973 and 7974 models
  • up to 6.0 TB total capacity using 750 GB SATA HDD options in 7975 and 7976 models, or up to 2.4 TB capacity using 300 GB HS SAS HDDs in 7975 and 7976 models
  • Six PCI slots: two 64-bit/133 MHz PCI-X slots, three PCI-Express slots, one PCI 33 MHz slot
  • Eleven drive bays: 48x CD-ROM, tape drive (option), eight hot-swap HDs or four simple-swap HDs
  • Integrated Broadcom 5721 KFB3 Gigabit Ethernet controller
  • Integrated systems management processor
  • ATI ES1000 Graphics Accelerator with 16 MB of video memory
Power supply
  • 670-watt power supply; or one hot-swap 835 W power
RAID support
  • Integrated RAID-0,-1, and -10 support, optional RAID-5 with adapter card
  • 5 U tower industry-standard models, rack mount optional
Detailed specifications
  • All specifications for the IBM System x
Manufacturer IBM
Product Type
Product Type Entry-Level Server
Form Factor
Form Factor Rack, Tower
Platform LINUX, Windows
Announced 27-Jun-06
Available 22-Aug-06
Archived 12-Jan-10
Architecture x86
Rack Units
Rack Units 5U
Operating System
Operating System Red Hat Linux, SCO UNIX, SUSE Linux, Windows
Processor Family
Processor Family Xeon
Processor Options
Processor Options Xeon 5110 (1.60GHz 65W) Xeon 5120 (1.86GHz 65W) Xeon 5130 (2.00GHz 65W) Xeon E5205 (1.86GHz 65W) Xeon E5310 (1.60GHz 80W) Xeon E5320 (1.86GHz 80W) Xeon E5335 (2.00GHz 80W) Xeon E5405 (2.00GHz 80W) Xeon E5410 (2.33GHz 80W) Xeon E5420 (2.50GHz 80W) Xeon E5430 (2.66GHz 80W)
Max Processor Chips
Max Processor Chips 2
Max Processor Cores
Max Processor Cores 8
Cache 4MB L2 (Xeon 5100), 6MB L2 (Xeon 5200), 2 x 4MB L2 (Xeon 5300) or 2 x 6MB L2 (Xeon 5400)
Chipset Intel 5000P
Memory Minimum
Memory Minimum 1 GB
Memory Maximum
Memory Maximum 32 GB
Memory Type
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Memory DIMM Slots Standard
Memory DIMM Slots Standard 8
Max Memory DIMM Slots
Max Memory DIMM Slots 8
Memory Protection
Memory Protection Chipkill, Hot-spare, Memory ProteXion, Mirroring, Redundant bit-steering, Scrubbing, Sparing,
Disk Type
Disk Type SATA, SAS
Disk Controller
Disk Controller SATA, SAS
Internal Disk Bays
Internal Disk Bays 8
Bays Information
Bays Information 4 x 3.5" simple-swap disk drive bays or _x000D_ 4+4 (4 standard, 4 optional) 3.5" hot-swap disk drive bays _x000D_ 3 x 5.25" media drive bays (one occupied with CD-ROM)
Disk Max Internal
Disk Max Internal 8,000 GB
RAID Support
RAID Support 0, 1, 10 (hot-swap) or 0, 1 (simple-swap)
Hot-Swap Disks
Hot-Swap Disks SATA, SAS
Media Drive
Media Drive CD-ROM
I/O Technology
I/O Technology PCI, PCI-X, PCI Express
I/O Slot Types
I/O Slot Types 1 x PCI 32-bit/33MHz _x000D_ 2 x PCI-X 64-bit/133MHz _x000D_ 2 x PCI Express x8 _x000D_ 1 x PCI Express x4
I/O Max Slots
I/O Max Slots 6
I/O Internal Slots
I/O Internal Slots 6
Networking On planar Broadcom BCM 5721 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet controller with PCI-Express, full duplex, Wake-on-LAN, IPMI (2.0)
Dimensions Height: 44 cm (17.32 in) Width: 21.8 cm (8.58 in) Depth: 74.7 cm (29.41 in)
Weight 38 kg (83.77 lbs) (max)
Max Power (Calculated)
Max Power (Calculated) 627 W (3,612 CO2e kg pa)
Max Power (Theoretical)
Max Power (Theoretical) 662 W (3,814 CO2e kg pa)
Max Heat (Calculated)
Max Heat (Calculated) 2,257 kJ/hr (2,139 Btu/hr)
Max Heat (Theoretical)
Max Heat (Theoretical) 1,721 kJ/hr (1,631 Btu/hr) (max)
Hot-Swap/Redundant Cooling Fans
Hot-Swap/Redundant Cooling Fans Optional/Optional
Hot-Swap/Redundant Power Supply
Hot-Swap/Redundant Power Supply Optional/Optional
System Management
System Management IBM Integrated Baseboard Management Controller(BMC), IPMI 2.0 H8S2166, on planar, provides system and environmental monitoring such as temperature, optional disks, fans, power supply, supports optional Remote_x000D_ Supervisor Adapter II Slimline with 140-pin connector on planar for continuous power (no external power required), Predictive failure analysis, IBM Director, ServerGuide
Warranty 1yr or 3yr (IOL) NBD Parts [CRU] + Onsite 1 or 3-Year IBM Onsite Limited (IOL) Depending on model type Some parts are Customer Replaceable Units (CRU) IBM ships replacement CRU and client performs replacement Other parts replacement is done by IBM

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