Dell PowerEdge R410

Dell PowerEdge R410

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  • Manufacturer Dell
  • Model Dell - PowerEdge R410
  • Product Type Entry-Level Server
  • Form Factor Rack
  • Platform LINUX, Windows
  • Announced 30-Mar-09
  • Available 30-Mar-09
  • Archived 18-Jan-13
  • Architecture x86
  • Rack Units 1U
  • Operating System Solaris, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, Windows
  • Processor Family Xeon
  • Processor Options Xeon E5504 (2.00GHz 80W) Xeon E5506 (2.13GHz 80W) Xeon L5508 (2.00GHz 38W) Xeon L5518 (2.13GHz 60W) Xeon E5540 (2.53GHz 80W) Xeon E5603 (1.60GHz 80W) Xeon E5606 (2.13GHz 80W) Xeon E5607 (2.26GHz 80W) Xeon L5609 (1.86GHz 40W) Xeon E5620 (2.40GHz 80W) Xeon E5630 (2.53GHz 80W) Xeon L5630 (2.13GHz 40W) Xeon L5638 (2.00GHz 60W) Xeon E5640 (2.66GHz 80W) Xeon L5640 (2.26GHz 60W) Xeon E5645 (2.40GHz 80W) Xeon X5647 (2.93GHz 130W) Xeon E5649 (2.53GHz 80W) Xeon X5650 (2.66GHz 95W) Xeon X5660 (2.80GHz 95W) Xeon X5667 (3.06GHz 95W) Xeon X5670 (2.93GHz 95W) Xeon X5672 (3.20GHz 95W) Xeon X5675 (3.06GHz 95W) Xeon X5677 (3.46GHz 130W) Xeon X5680 (3.33GHz 130W) Xeon X5687 (3.60GHz 130W) Xeon X5690 (3.46GHz 130W)
  • Max Processor Chips 2
  • Max Processor Cores 12
  • Cache 4MB, 8MB or 12MB L3
  • Chipset Intel 5500
  • Memory Minimum 1 GB
  • Memory Maximum 128 GB
  • Memory Type DDR3 SDRAM
  • Memory DIMM Slots Standard 8
  • Max Memory DIMM Slots 8
  • Memory Protection
  • Disk Type SATA, SAS, Solid State
  • Disk Controller Internal: 6Gb/s SAS HBA PERC H200 (6Gb/s) PERC H700 (6Gb/s) with 512MB battery-backed cache; 512MB, 1GB Non-Volatile battery-backed cache SAS 6/iR PERC S100 (software based) PERC S300 (software based)
  • Internal Disk Bays 4
  • Bays Information 4 x 2.5” SAS/Solid State Hot-Swappable Drives 4 x 3.5” SATA Cabled Drives
  • Disk Max Internal 12,000 GB
  • RAID Support 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Hot-Swap Disks SATA, SAS, SSD
  • Media Drive Optional
  • I/O Technology PCI Express
  • I/O Slot Types 1 PCIe G2 slot + 1 storage slot: One x16 slot One storage x4 slot
  • I/O Max Slots 1
  • I/O Internal Slots 1
  • Networking Two embedded Broadcom® NetXtreme IITM 5709 Gigabit Ethernet NICs with failover and load balancing TOE (TCPIP Offload Engine)
  • Dimensions Height: 4.24cm (1.69 inch) Width: 43.4cm (17.09 inch) Depth: 61.26cm (24.12 inch)
  • Weight 15.0 Kg (33.02 lb) (max)
  • Max Power (Calculated) 350 W
  • Max Power (Theoretical) 400 W
  • Max Heat (Calculated) 1,571 Btu/hr
  • Max Heat (Theoretical) 1,666 Btu/hr
  • Hot-Swap/Redundant Cooling Fans Yes/Yes
  • Hot-Swap/Redundant Power Supply Yes/Optional
  • System Management Dell™ OpenManage™ Lifecycle Controller iDRAC6 Enterprise (Optional) vFlash (Optional)
  • Warranty 30 Days (Dafault), 1, 2 & 3 Years (Upgradable)

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