IBM SAN64B-2 (2005-B64)

IBM SAN64B-2 (2005-B64)

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Product Description


The SAN64B-2 is designed to provide:


  • 4 Gbps port-to-port connectivity with auto-sensing capability for connecting to existing 1 and 2, and future 4 Gbps host servers, storage systems, and switches


  • Up to 64 nonblocking ports with 1, 2, or 4 Gbps connections


  • High availability features: automatic path routing and many nondisruptive firmware upgrades


  • Scalable ports on demand: 32, 48, or 64 ports to accommodate a broad range of connectivity solutions in a 2U form factor for enhanced port density and space utilization


  • Scalability of mid-range to large SAN fabric environments


  • Open Fibre Channel Protocol support


  • Full compatibility with existing TotalStorage SAN b-type switches (IBM 2005, 2109, and 3534)


  • Base firmware features: Fabric Watch, Full Fabric, Advanced Zoning, and Web Tools


  • Optional features: Additional Port Activation, Advanced Security, Enhanced ISL Trunking, Extended Fabrics and Performance Monitoring


  • Support for 4 Gbps long wave and 4 Gbps short wave small form-factor pluggable (SFP) optic transceivers

The SAN64B-2 fabric switch (2005-B64) supports 4 Gbps FC capabilities. It is designed to provide improved performance compared to previous IBM models, support storage networking demands for high throughput and enhanced security.

The SAN64B-2 fabric switch is designed to offer the following:


  • Up to 64 FC ports that:


    • Provide multiple simultaneous connections, each connecting at 1, 2, or 4 Gbps


    • Auto sense and auto-negotiate to the highest speed (1, 2, or 4 gigabits) supported by the server, storage system, or switch


    • Self-configure as F_ports, FL_ports, or E_ports (Full Fabric feature required for E_ports)


  • Operation with SFP optical transceivers that are designed to:


    • Support 4 Gbps speeds with 4 Gb short wave SFPs for distances up to 150 meters (longer distances are supported at slower speeds)


    • Support 4 Gbps speeds with 4 Gb long wave SFPs for distances up to 4 or 10 km (longer distances are supported at slower speeds)


    • Can be used in any combination of 1, 2, or 4 Gbps short wave and long wave SFPs


    • Have increased ordering and deployment flexibility because SFPs are not included within the base SAN64B-2 product but are ordered separately with a minimum order of 32 SFPs required with the initial model B64 switch purchase, and additionally in increments of 16 SFPs, up to a total of 64 SFPs


  • 2U form factor that enables enhanced port density and rack space utilization; specific power cords available for tabletop use


  • Scalable ports on demand (32, 48, or 64 ports) to accommodate a broad range of connectivity solutions for a wide variety of host and storage types (optional Port Activation feature available for upgrade to 48 and 64 ports)


  • Compatibility with the current IBM TotalStorage SAN b-type switch family (IBM 2005, 2109, and 3534)


  • Auto Fabric discovery designed to allow external host and storage systems to discover other supported SAN-enabled systems that are connected to the fabric


  • Standard fabric services such as Advanced Zoning and Web Tools

The IBM Storage SAN64B-2 fabric switch adds:


  • Fibre Channel connectivity for servers and storage, with FICON CUP Activation, designed to allow in-band management for IBM System z9, IBM eServer zSeries, and S/390 G5/G6 servers.


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